How Snow Can Impact Your Roof

March 14, 2022

Winter in the Shenandoah Valley typically means at least one solid snowstorm.  While beautiful, these storms can have a major impact on your roof.  Accumulating snow can be extremely heavy, and during melting can cause massive amounts of liquid to flow down the roof.  Below are some negative impacts that snow can have on roofs.

Excessive Weight Damage

Snow can become very heavy after accumulating, especially if the snow is considerably wet.  This weight can cause collapses in weak parts of the roof.  Both old roofs and newer roofs are at risk of collapse from excess weight.  Older roofs can have years of wear and tear that damage the structural integrity of the building, while newer roofs may have been made with lighter weight metals that cannot support as much weight.  In addition, flat roofs (usually seen on commercial buildings) are at extreme risk for weight damage.

snow on roof
Roof of wooden house with snow in winter day

Water Damage

The only way to get rid of snow on the roof is to wait for it to melt.  Large accumulating snowstorms can cause water damage to structures as the snow starts to melt.  Water can leak into small blemishes on a roof and cause interior damage.  Water can also cause erosion damage over time to shingles, gutters, and other parts of the roof.  Even roofs that are properly draining via sloping architecture and gutters can be susceptible to erosion over time.

Additional Considerations

Some secondary concerns with snow include insect and pest infestations due to sitting water.  Many undesirable critters are drawn to stagnant bodies of water and getting an infestation inside the roof can result from melted snow stagnating on a roof.  In the Shenandoah Valley, weather can change drastically from day to day, which can cause pest issues as early as late winter.   In addition, constant freezing and rethawing of snow/water can cause parts of the roof to warp.

snow on gutters
ice icicles on the roofs of houses , the concept of winter ,cold

Combating Snow Damage

At High Point Roofing, we provide services to both protect against snow damage, as well as repair unavoidable snow damage.  Whether you need a full roof replacement or some minor roof repairs, our experienced team can handle the job.  In addition, we can replace or fix gutters and/or siding that is damaged.  Our team will thoroughly assess your roof just as an insurance agent would, and we might find issues that are not visible from the ground level.  Call today for all your roofing needs!