3 Ways to Keep Your Roof Maintained in the Spring

July 7, 2022

Spring is finally here!  The birds are chirping, the snow has finally melted, and now is a great time to start Spring roof maintenance.  The Shenandoah Valley has a history of rough winters, so starting roof maintenance now is paramount to the short-term and long-term health of your roof.  Below are three tips for spring roof maintenance.

Clean the Gutters

     Even if you do not have any leaf-bearing trees in your yard, getting on the roof and cleaning out the gutters around this time is a sound practice.  Over the winter, debris can constantly freeze, thaw, and refreeze, creating a sludge-like substance that can hinder water from draining efficiently.  Excess water can cause roof damage, so making sure all those Spring showers are properly funneling through the gutters is an easy step to take.  It is imperative that this is done safely though.  If you feel uncomfortable climbing on the roof or using a ladder, call High Point Roofing today for all your gutter maintenance needs.

Check for Damaged Shingles

     Damaged shingles can cause water to enter the foundation of the roof.  This can wreck havoc on the integrity of the home.  After each winter, it is a good practice to check the roof to see if there are any shingles that are damaged and need replaced.  A snowy winter can cause water on top of the roof to continually freeze and thaw out, which in turn can cause shingles to buckle and crack.  While some inspection may be able to be performed on ground level, to get a comprehensive view, a trip to the roof is necessary.  High Point Roofing can find and replace any damaged shingles your roof may have.

Schedule an Inspection

     If you are unable or unwilling to do any do-it-yourself roof maintenance, call a professional to schedule a roof inspection.  High Point Roofing specializes in all aspects of roof maintenance and repair, from cleaning and replacing gutters to full roof replacement and everything in between.  High Point Roofing also does siding repair and replacement, and can fix damage from winter and electrical storms.  Call today at 484-637-3734 or visit our website at https://www.hpointroofing.com/ to request a free estimate!