2 Tips to Prepare for Colder Fall Temperatures

October 19, 2022

     The leaves are changing, the fireplaces and furnaces are staying on at night, and Fall is officially here in the Shenandoah Valley.  While the anticipation of the holidays is in the air, so are dangers to the health of your siding and roof.  Below are two tips you should follow right now to combat what the Fall season can bring to the Shenandoah Valley.

Clean Tree Debris from Property

     Unchecked tree debris can wreak havoc on your property.  Whether it is accumulating in your gutters or on the ground, it can be a massive problem for homeowners.  Leaves can clog gutters which restricts water flow from the roof to the ground.  Piles of leaves and sticks are breeding grounds for unwanted pests such as spiders, mice, and snakes.  As the temperatures get colder, these pests will migrate to your garage, in your siding vents, or even into your house.  In addition, properties that are not well taken care of can cause property values to fall as well.  In the Summer, trees can be a valuable part of your property, but proper care/removal of debris is necessary in the Fall and Winter months.

Scan Ceilings for Leaks

     Have you ever seen a streak of moisture on your ceiling?  This indicates that something is leaking.  Sometimes it can be a toilet pipe, but other times it can be a hole in the roof.  Make sure to take the time to walk throughout your entire house and scan the ceilings for any signs of water damage.  If you do happen to come upon evidence of a leak, try to locate what could be causing it.  If it is a leak on the top floor, it is more than likely that there is a leak in the roof.  Call High Point Roofing today at 304-579-0037 if you notice any roof leaks!