3 Fall Maintenance Tips for Roofs

September 9, 2022

Do you feel that crisp chill in the air early in the morning?  While the calendar may say that it is still Summer, Fall is quickly approaching.  With Fall comes colder weather, dying leaves, and a need to maintain your roof in anticipation of the cold Winter months.  Below are three maintenance tips you can start right now in anticipation of the seasons changing.

Trim Trees

     If you have any trees that are encroaching on your house or other dwelling, it would be beneficial for you to get some of those branches trimmed.  Dead leaves can wreak havoc on your gutters.  Leaves and other material can form a sludge in your gutters that severely impact water flow.  When temperatures drop below freezing, this sludge can freeze and restrict water flow even more.  Trimming close tree branches can help keep unwanted dead leaves from accumulating in your gutters.

Get a Fall Roof Inspection

     Before the weather turns permanently colder, it is a smart practice to get your roof inspected by a professional to make sure there are no issues that colder temperatures would exacerbate.  Cracked shingles, broken vents, and loose gutters could cause serious roof issues throughout the Fall and Winter if not fixed ahead of time.  High Point Roofing offers inspection services.  Visit our website at https://www.hpointroofing.com/ or call us today at 304-579-0037  to schedule a roof inspection.

Schedule Any Needed Repairs

     Needing any roof repairs, even small ones, can be tough, especially in the current economic climate.  But small problems can quickly become huge problems if ignored.  Fixing cracked shingles may not seem like a necessary expense, but they can turn into leaks which can compromise the foundation of your house.  Even if the repairs are small, take care of them before the colder weather (and possibly snow!) comes this Winter.  It will be much easier to get roof repairs done in the next couple of months while the weather is still reasonable.  Call High Point Roofing today if you need any roof repairs!